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Sep 20

Five Paragraph Persuasive Essay
Obama is an immensely better president than Mitt Romney for the 2012 presidential election. With the 2012 election coming up, Obama and Romney are head to head in the race for the title of President. They are very close in projected voter percentages, but only the best nominee will prevail. There have been many conventions and rallies to get people motivated to vote for them. Lots of people are adamant in their decision for one or the other, yet others need some persuasion to find the better candidate. Obama is a better presidential candidate than Mitt Romney because four years is not enough, George Bush set him up, and Republican views are bad.
Have you ever been in that situation where you just don’t have enough time? I think Obama is. With more time, Obama would soar, yet another reason he should be reelected. The first reason that Obama should be reelected is four years of presidency is not enough to fix the economy. The economy is in a terrible state and is only going to get worse if someone does not help it. What we really need is someone to walk onto the stage, throw a sports drink at the wall, and scream, “What just happened out there?!” Then he would proceed to go into a motivational speech like at the halftime in those sports movies. Unfortunately, no one wants to do that, so we have to stick with a person who promises a good plan that people can see actually working. Obama has a plan like that, but he just does not have enough time. With more time, Obama’s stimulus and job plans would start to turn around the economy. People are also way to inpatient. Some news channels started ragging on President Obama not fixing the economy 8 days after his election. 8 DAYS. Wouldn’t you think he would need more time than that? Others waited way longer (22 days) to start blaming him. The last reason why four years is not enough to fix the economy is that no one could have done it. No one. It is an entire country we are talking about here, and turning the economy around is not an easy job. It’s hard to even turn it around, not even beginning to fix it. As you can see, President Obama needs more than one term in presidency to fix the economy, and will be a more successful and prosperous president if he is reelected for the 2012 Presidential elections.
It was a set up. There was nothing he could do about it. He was a goner from the start. Just another reason Obama is better than Mitt Romney is that he is getting falsely blamed for some things George Bush did, not him. First of all, George Bush set Obama, or whoever was the next President, up for a bad reputation. Obama could not control what someone did before him but everyone blames him for it. People are oblivious and focus on the present, and in doing so make a false opinion and blame the current thing in power. Sometimes, that is the problem, but not in or case, so you have to stop, back up, and find the point of error, in our case George Bush. Another reason Obama gets a bad reputation from George Bush is the war in Afghanistan. People say that Obama made everything bad in the Middle East because of the ambassador and the video, but in reality it is George Bush that started things over there. He created a war that is unnecessary, and many people died from it. Obama, realizing what was wrong there, planned to and eventually stopped it. The last reason Obama is in trouble for George Bush’s action is the turnaround. Some of the people that can look back and realize what George Bush has done are blaming Obama for not turning the economy around. Those people haven’t looked hard enough, because the economy was absolutely terrible when Obama took the stage. The economy in America is just like aging. It’s all going downhill, and nothing can currently be done to fix or reverse it, save for a few things that slow it, like cryogenic freezing or beauty products (No outside contact or stimulus in the real world). It would take a major breakthrough in both respects to fix them. They are problems so elusive that I think Obama is our only hope. No one could fix the damage George Bush has done, but Obama is almost there and trying really hard and you need to give him a point for that.
All other arguments aside, the main reason why Barack Obama is a better president than Mitt Romney is that Republican views are terrible. Republicans say they are trying to help out small businesses, but here is what they are actually currently saying- ‘If you built a small business with a Democrat in power and it did well, YOU BUILT THAT, but if you built the same business with a Democrat in power, and it failed, THE GOVERNMENT SCREWED YOU.’ That is crazy because that is actually what they are saying. They are also trying to run the country like a small business, but when people really analyzed it, it didn’t look that good. Another way Republican views aren’t as good as Democratic views is that the Republicans want to cut down on welfare laws. They don’t like the ObamaCare law, even if it protects everyone and makes Health Care way cheaper. Nope, gotta go. Also, they want to take away rights, especially for women. They oppose Elizabeth Warren, and if you don’t know that is, she is a Democratic Women who is fighting for women’s rights. The Republicans also don’t care about poor people. Mitt Romney expects everyone to have a rich local businessman (his Dad) to fund them. Not everyone has that, and Mitt Romney doesn’t care for those people. He says they are victims of the Government, but those people are filled with American pride and don’t think that way. Another reason why Democrats are better than Republicans is the States. Republican states like Mississippi are taking in way more than they give back ($20 BILLION), while Democratic states like Connecticut are actually giving back ($13.33 Billion). In the RNC, one of their goals was to Change It. They were talking about Obama’s legacy, but with a few manipulations, they could “change” their facts into lies. They could easily say things that aren’t true under our noses with this goal, but Paul Ryan is supposed to be the most truthful guy in the country. They can just change facts, reality and the meaning of words to get to a larger and more “truthful” point. As you can see, Republican views are terrible.
Obama is a better choice to elect because four years is not enough, George Bush set him up, and Republican views are terrible. Republican views are terrible because they don’t like welfare laws, their states are not as good as Democratic ones, they can change it facts into lies, and they are blaming the Democratic government for failing small businesses. Obama is a much better choice in my opinion, but what do you think about the 2012 Presidential Election?

Sources= Daily Show With Jon Stewart

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  1. Edublogs
    3:55 pm - 9-20-2012

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  2. Justin T
    12:57 pm - 9-24-2012

    I think that you have a very stong argument on this subject. Personally I support your descision on how the Obama Campaign is superior to Mitt Romney’s Campaign. I really think that George Bush was also a huge roadblock in Obama’s “road to succes” So, Good job.

  3. Ryaan M
    1:45 pm - 9-24-2012

    I agree with your view completely. I think Bush used Obama to take the blame and people need to realize that. It’s like an arsonist blaming the firefighter. This essay was well worded and had great detail.

  4. Bob Evans
    12:12 am - 10-31-2012

    You are only getting one side of the argument. You can’t just say Republicans are bad because of that. And your excuses are so lame. Then you said George Bush set him up? Where are you getting your facts from, boy?!?!? Get the facts.

  5. T. Lin
    9:08 pm - 11-25-2012

    I totally agree. this essay also helped me a lot!!!

  6. Jacob Zuckerdob
    1:04 pm - 5-30-2013

    this is a complete hoax.

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